Are you ready for change? Let’s take the first step

towards a better sense of well-being!

Pulling from the teachings and techniques of yoga, meditation, nursing and my integrative health and wellness coaching education, I’ve developed an approach that is holistic and effective. Our focus will be on your body, mind and spirit and the importance of self care.  Bring balance back into your life and empower yourself to make the changes . The format and philosophy of my coaching guides clients through a wide range of issues, including:

Life transitions.

Our lives transition suddenly or slowly, as we experience loss, a traumatic event or a change in life dynamics. We will focus on coping strategies, reconnecting to a sense of self and finding balance.

Lifestyle design.

Maybe you’re experiencing burnout in your career, or simply looking for more fulfillment in your lifestyle. Often times we ask ourselves questions like ‘what’s missing?’ or ‘can I really have it all?’—the block that’s often stopping us is fear. We’ll work together to identify your personal passions and building a mindset and a life centered around what you love most.

Limiting or destructive habits.

There are countless harmful habits, from negative self-talk to unhealthy eating , that can keep you feeling ‘stuck’. We will work to identify root causes of the habit(s) and outline steps to overcome and replace them with a healthy lifestyle. Food is energy and medicine so nutritional health and optimizing nutrition is essential for well-being.

I work one-to-one with clients on terms that best meet their needs and schedules. 10 minute introductory phone call – no charge. Please call/text to 908 798 4325 or email for your complementary introductory phone consultation.

Health & Wellness Coaching Rates & Details

How Does it Work?   I work with highly motivated and creative adults.  I have 25 or 45 minute phone,  Web Based (Doxy) or in-person sessions 2-4 times per month. You create a vision for who you want to be and what you want to create in your life. In each session, we move through obstacles, envision possibilities and create action plans for reaching your goals. You “try on” new perspectives and experiment with new strategies for handling challenges and stepping into your fullest potential. You set “homework” assignments for yourself that make you think and act toward your goals between sessions. Through this process you learn to listen to your inner signals and watching as your core purpose and being emerges, radiant and ALIVE!

Monthly Rates 

………………….               30 min     45 min     Unlimited Email

Initial Session            NA            $125           $50/wk

2 sessions/mo           $150         $225           $100/mo

3 sessions/mo           $200         $300

4 sessions/mo           $250         $375

* Pre-pay savings:  5% off 3 mo. & 10% off 6mo. packages

If any of this resonates with you, I encourage you to reach out and start the conversation with me.